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17.10.2018 | Media

Chronicle of an amputation - An RTS TV crew at the Assal Center

We were fortunate enough to receive an RTS TV crew at the Assal Center for a documentary entitled "Chronicle of an Amputation".

Directed by Isabelle Moncada, this investigation was broadcast on the program 36.9°. It concerns the story of what happened to Delphine who, following a road accident, is the victim of an undiagnosed ankle fracture that hinders her freedom of movement and causes her significant suffering. After 10 years of fighting for the right to have her leg amputated, Delphine finally sees a glimmer of hope allowing her to regain her mobility and freedom. We follow her journey within the Assal Center as it leads her to a new life.

To see the complete program click on the following link:

Link to the program of 36.9 °

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