Romain Chamand


Romain Chamand coordinates the care and needs of hospitalized patients at the ASSAL Center, where he has worked closely with two specialist nurses, Christian Riesen and Christian Zuodar, since 2015.



Romain ensures that postoperative patient care procedures are followed carefully, from immediately after surgery to the patient’s return home, as concerns cast repair and dressings, management of specific postoperative prescriptions provided by Dr Assal, patient education on the importance of following postoperative instructions, providing advice and arranging for rentals of ergonomic aids that make it easier to return home, and ensuring optimal recovery for each patient. Romain Chamand knows the Hirslanden Clinique La Colline through and through, having worked in its various departments since 2013.



Romain Chamand qualified as a Healthcare Assistant (HCA) in Geneva in 2016, adding to the nursing assistant certificate he obtained in 2011. Since then, he has worked in the healthcare sector holding nursing assistant positions in various university hospital surgery departments and for companies providing home health care. 


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