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07.11.2022 | Enseignement

Dr Halah Stern et PD Dr Mathieu Assal ont participé à la rédaction d'une publication portant sur les microtissus de cartilage hyalin fabriqués à partir de chondrocytes adultes dédifférenciés.


The repair of damaged articular cartilage is an unmet medical need. Chondrocyte-based cell therapy has been used to repair cartilage for over 20 years despite current limitations. Chondrocyte dedifferentiation upon expansion in monolayer is well known and is the main obstacle to their use as cell source for cartilage repair. Consequently, current approaches often lead to fibrocartilage, which is biomechanically different from hyaline cartilage and not effective as a long-lasting treatment. Here, we describe an innovative 3-step method to engineer hyaline-like cartilage microtissues, named Cartibeads, from high passage dedifferentiated chondrocytes. We show that WNT5A/5B/7B genes were highly expressed in dedifferentiated chondrocytes and that a decrease of the WNT signaling pathway was instrumental for full re-differentiation of chondrocytes, enabling production of hyaline matrix instead of fibrocartilage matrix. Cartibeads showed hyaline-like characteristics based on GAG quantity and type II collagen expression independently of donor age and cartilage quality. In vivo, Cartibeads were not tumorigenic when transplanted into SCID mice. This simple 3-step method allowed a standardized production of hyaline-like cartilage microtissues from a small cartilage sample, making Cartibeads a promising candidate for the treatment of cartilage lesions.


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