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Hallux Rigidus: Update on Conservative Management 2023
Subtalar Arthrodesis in Patients With Prior Tibiotalar Arthrodesis for Posttraumatic Osteoarthritis 2023
Achilles Tendon Ruptures: Limited Incision Repair 2023
Base Metatarsals Osteotomy as BRT - STATE OF THE ART 2023
Primary MTP I Fusion - STATE OF THE ART 2023
Do Patients With Functional Hallux Limitus Have a Low-Lying or Bulky FHL Muscle Belly? 2023
Articular Cartilage Repair After Implantation of Hyaline Cartilage Beads Engineered From Adult Dedifferentiated Chondrocytes: Cartibeads Preclinical Efficacy Study in a Large Animal Model 2023
Reliability Study of a New Electromechanical Device Designed to Measure the Relative Dorsal Mobility of the First Ray of the Foot 2022
Hyaline Cartilage Microtissues Engineered from Adult Dedifferentiated Chondrocytes: Safety and Role of WNT Signaling 2022
Iatrogenic transfer metatarsalgia after hallux valgus surgery: a comprehensive treatment algorithm 2022
The effect of BMI on long-term outcomes after operatively treated ankle fractures: a study with up to 16 years of follow-up 2022
Safety of malleolar osteotomies in surgery for osteochondral lesions of the talus 2021
Osteochondral lesion of the talus: What are we talking about? 2021
Three-Year Rates of Reoperation and Revision Following Mobile Versus Fixed-Bearing Total Ankle Arthroplasty: A Cohort of 302 Patients with 2 Implants of Similar Design 2021
Proposal of a new CT arthrographic classification system of osteochondral lesions of the talus 2021
Why and How Often Is Revision Surgery Necessary after First Metatarsophalangeal Joint Arthrodeses? A Cohort of 120 Consecutive Cases 2021
Computer-assisted surgery and navigation in foot and ankle: state of the art and fields of application 2021
A New Implant for Transfemoral Amputation: Improved Gait and Comfort 2021
Operatively treated ankle fractures in Switzerland, 2002-2012: epidemiology and associations between baseline characteristics and fracture types. 2021
Expérience clinique d’une orthèse de décharge pour prévenir et guérir les ulcères digitaux du pied diabétique 2021
Tibio-talar relationship in the sagittal plane after mobile- versus fixed-bearing total ankle replacement (TAR): a radiological study 2020
La fracture malléolaire «facile», peu déplacée: traitement conservateur ou chirurgical? 2020
Accuracy of cone-beam computed tomography for syndesmosis injury diagnosis compared to conventional computed tomography 2020
Major Lower Limb Amputation for Vascular disease: Does Diabetes Mellitus Influence Prosthetic Fitting? 2020
Chirurgie orthopédique assistée par ordinateur : à propos de 1000 cas - BILAN Magazine 2020
"Tibial shaft fracture extending into the plafond-plate fixation" - Manual of Fracture Management Foot and Ankle edited by the AO Foundation. 2020
"Metaphyseal fracture with joint involvement" - Manual of Fracture Management Foot and Ankle edited by the AO Foundation. 2020
"Partial articular fracture-plate fixation" - Manual of Fracture Management Foot and Ankle edited by the AO Foundation. 2020
Development and psychometric performance of the French language version of the Manchester-Oxford Foot Questionnaire (MOXFQ) 2019
La prothèse totale de cheville : mise au point / Total ankle arthroplasty : update 2019
Computer Assisted Surgery and Navigation - Where do we stand in the Field of Foot, Ankle and Leg surgery ? 2019
1st Textbook on application of computer assisted surgery with 3D navigation in the field of foot, ankle and leg surgery 2019
1st Atlas on Tibia Pilon fractures surgical approaches 2019
Does Intra-articular Injection of the Ankle With Corticosteroids Increase the Risk of Subsequent Periprosthetic Joint Infection (PJI) Following Total Ankle Arthroplasty (TAA)? If So, How Long After a Prior Intra-articular Injection Can TAA Be Safely Performed? 2019
What Tests Are Useful to Investigate a Possible Infection of Total Ankle Arthroplasty (TAA)? What Are Their Thresholds? 2019
What Is the Optimal Protocol for Performing Debridement, Antibiotics and Implant Retention (DAIR) in an Infected Total Ankle Arthroplasty (TAA) (Type and Volume of Irrigation Solution, and so on)? 2019
Mobile-Bearing Total Ankle Replacement Leads to Higher Short-term Revision Rates when Compared to Fixed-Bearing: A Cohort of 246 Patients within Three-Year Follow-Up Treated with 2 Implants of Similar Design 2019
Subtalar Instability : Cadaveric Study 2019
Major Lower Limb Amputation for Vascular disease: Does Diabetes Mellitus Influence Prosthetic Fitting? 2019
Transfemoral Amputation: Assessment Before and After a New Distal Weight-Bearing Implant 2019
Stopping antibiotics after surgical amputation in diabetic foot and ankle infections - a daily practice cohort 2019
Isolated Traumatic Close Dislocation of Tarsal Navicular Bone af- ter a Complex Forced Movement of the Foot: A Case Report 2018
Core Knowledge in Orthopaedics: Foot and Ankle : Amputations 2018
Muscular Versus Non-Muscular Free Flaps for Soft Tissue Coverage of Chronic Tibial Osteomyelitis 2018
Wound Necrosis Post Ankle Osteosynthesis Treated With Removable Splint Combined With Negative Pressure Therapy: Experience And Technical Points 2018
A Novel Regenerative Personalized Technology To Treat Cartilage Injury 2018
Computer Assisted Navigation In Surgery Of The Calcaneus 2018
Additional muscular slip of the flexor digitorum longus muscle to the fifth toe 2018
Repair of syndesmosis injury in ankle fractures: Current state of the art 2018
Le Matin Dimanche - La guérison d'une fracture demande des mois de patience 2017
Ultrasonography of the Sural Nerve: Normal and Pathologic Appearances 2017
Current Concept: Osteotomien der zentralen Metatarsalia zur Behandlung der Metatarsalgie 2017
Comparison of the Otto Bock solid ankle cushion heel foot with wooden keel to the low-cost CR-Equipements™ solid ankle cushion heel foot with polypropylene keel: A randomized prospective double-blind crossover study assessing patient satisfaction and energy expenditure 2017
Injuries to the Chopart joint complex: a current review 2017
Hawkins' type-II talar fracture with subtalar dislocation: A very unusual combination 2017
How to Get to the Distal Posterior Tibial Malleolus? A Cadaveric Anatomic Study Defining the Access Corridors Through 3 Different Approaches 2017
Technique tip: Simultaneous first metatarsal lenghtening and metatarsophalangeal joint fusion for failed hallux valgus surgery with transfer metatarsalgia 2017
Hallux valgus, ankle osteoarthrosis and adult acquired flatfoot deformity: a review of three common foot and ankle pathologies and their treatments 2017
Flexor Hallucis Longus Tendon 2017
Calcified desmoplastic fibroblastoma of the foot: imaging findings 2017
Traitement de l'hallux valgus basé sur l'évidence 2017
Syndesmosis reduction by computer-assisted orthopaedic surgery with navigation: Feasibility and accuracy in a cadaveric study 2016
Clinical and epidemiological differences between implant-associated and implant-free orthopaedic infections 2016
Intraoperative 3-Dimensional Computed Tomography and Navigation in Foot and Ankle Surgery 2016
Lésions isolées de la syndesmose tibio-fibulaire distale / Isolated lesions of the distal tibiofibular syndesmosis 2016
Clinical Outcomes and Development of Symptomatic Osteoarthritis 2 to 24 Years After Surgical Treatment of Tarsometatarsal Joint Complex Injuries 2016
Diabetic foot infections: recent literature and cornerstones of management 2016
Gesture- Controlled Image Management for Operating Room: A Randomized Crossover Study to Compare Interaction Using Gestures, Mouse, and Third Person Relaying 2016
Oropharyngeal Kingella kingae carriage in children: characteristics and correlation with osteoarticular infections 2015
Radiographic evaluation of posttraumatic osteoarthritis of the ankle: the Kellgren-Lawrence scale is reliable and correlates with clinical symptoms 2015
Transient synovitis of the hip: which investigations are truly useful? 2015
Cartilage matrix infection in young children by Kingella kingae 2015
Factors affecting bone mineral mass loss after lower-limb fractures in a pediatric population 2015
Masquelet Technique for Midfoot Reconstruction Following Osteomyelitis in Charcot Diabetic Neuropathy: A Case Report 2015
Strategies for Surgical Approaches in Open Reduction Internal Fixation of Pilon Fractures 2015
Dorsal multiple plating without routine transarticular screws for fixation of Lisfranc injury 2014
Fractures de la cheville chez le patient âgé 2014
The Masquelet procedure Gone Awry 2014
Incidence de l’amputation majeure des membres inférieurs à Genève: 21 ans d’observation 2014
Primary epiphyseal or apophyseal subacute osteomyelitis in the pediatric population: a report of fourteen cases and a systematic review of the literature 2014
A low protein diet alters bone material level properties and the response to in vitro repeated mechanical loading 2014
A Modified Posteromedial Approach Combined With Extensile Anterior for the Treatment of Complex Tibial Pilon Fractures (AO/OTA 43-C) 2014
A prospective study of intrafamilial oropharyngeal transmission of Kingella kingae 2014
Bénéfice de la chirurgie assistée par ordinateur en orthopédie: application au domaine du pied et de la cheville 2014
Infections ostéo-articulaires sévères d staphylocoque doré producteur de leucocidine de Panton-Valentine chez l'enfant [Severe osteoarticular infections with Staphylococcus aureus producer of Panton- Valentine Leukocidine in children] 2014
Dual-incision Approach for Repair of Peroneal Tendon Dislocation Associated With Fractures of the Calcaneus 2014
Unusually severe cases of Kingella kingae osteoarticular infections in children 2014
Possible association of Kingella kingae with infantile spondylodiscitis 2013
Outcome of unilateral ankle arthrodesis and total ankle replacement in terms of bilateral gait mechanics 2013
«Elle fait mal cette broche !» A propos d’une étiologie rare chez un patient homophile opéré 2013
Comparison of the International Committee of the Red Cross Foot with the solid ankle cushion heel during gait 2013
Oropharyngeal Colonization Density of Kingella kingae 2013
Bacterial Osteomyelitis: The Clinician's Point of View (Chapitre du livre “Diagnostic Imaging of Infections and Inflammatory Diseases: A Multidisciplinary Approach”) 2013
Pyogenic flexor tenosynovitis of the finger due to Kingella kingae 2013
Recovery of decreased bone mineral mass after lower-limb fractures in adolescents 2013
Comparing the oropharyngeal colonization density of Kingella kingae between asymptomatic carriers and children with invasive osteoarticular infections 2013
Short parenteral antibiotic treatment for adult septic arthritis after successful drainage 2013
30 years of study of Kingella kingae: post tenebras, lux. Future Microbiol 2013
Detection of Kingella kingae osteoarticular infections in children by oropharyngeal swab PCR 2012
Total ankle replacement for rheumatoid arthritis of the ankle 2012
Prevalence of vitamin D insufficiency in Swiss teenagers with appendicular fractures: a prospective study of 100 cases 2012
Recovery of physical activity levels in adolescents after lower limb fractures: a longitudinal, accelerometry-based activity monitor study 2012
Intraoperative 3D computer assisted navigation in foot and ankle surgery with the O-Arm surgical imaging system: a cohort study 2012
Small risk of osteoarticular infections in children with asymptomatic oropharyngeal carriage of Kingella kingae 2012
Wound dehiscence and stump infection after lower limb amputation: risk factors and association with antibiotic use 2012
How to assess ankle osteoarthritis: comparison of the Kellgren and Lawrence scale with functional outcome and digital image analysis 2012
Spontaneous tibiotalar arthrodesis as a complication of acute tibial osteomyelitis due to Panton-Valentine leukocidin-producing Staphylococcus aureus: a case report 2012
Diagnostic et traitement de la rupture du tendon d’Achille 2012
Risk factors for post-traumatic osteoarthritis of the ankle: an eighteen year follow-up study 2012
Conditions found among pediatric survivors during the early response to natural disaster: a prospective case study 2012
Remission after treatment of osteoarticular infections due to Pseudomonas aeruginosa versus Staphylococcus aureus: a case-controlled study 2012
Augmented Osteosynthesis of OTA 44-B Fractures in Older Patients: A Technique Allowing Early Weightbearing 2011
Fractures ouvertes de la diaphyse tibiale chez l’adulte: prise en charge chirurgicale et complications 2011
Open fractures of the tibia in the adult: surgical treatment and complications 2011
Efficacy of releasing the collateral ligaments of the ankle joint on dorsiflexion stiffness: an anatomy study 2011
Step activity monitoring to assess ambulation before and after total ankle arthroplasty 2011
Calcitropic hormones and IGF-I are influenced by dietary protein 2011
Functional and radiological outcome 10 to 20 years after ankle orif 2011
Noninsertional Achilles tendinopathy treated with gastrocnemius lengthening 2011
Traitement du pied diabétique infecté: une approche multidisciplinaire par excellence 2011
Predicting the pathogen of diabetic toe osteomyelitis by two consecutive ulcer cultures with bone contact 2011
Duration of post-surgical antibiotic therapy for adult chronic osteomyelitis: a single-centre experience 2011
Chirurgie de l’avant-pied: quoi de neuf? 2010
Outcome of orthopaedic implant infections due to different staphylococci 2010
Reduction of Irreducible Hawkins III Talar Neck Fracture by Means of a Medial Malleolar Osteotomy: A Report of Three Cases With a 4-Year Mean Follow-Up 2010
Postoperative serum pro-calcitonin and C-reactive protein levels in patients with orthopaedic infections 2010
Posttraumatic ankle arthritis due to a novel Nocardia species 2010
Six weeks of antibiotic tratment is sufficient following surgery for septic arthroplasty 2010
The effect of collateral ligament release on ankle dorsiflexion: An anatomical study 2010
Strontium ranelate improves implant osseointegration 2010
Two consecutive deep sinus tract cultures predict the pathogen of osteomyelitis 2010
Realignment and Extended Fusion with Use of a Medial Column Screw for Midfoot Deformities Secondary to Diabetic Neuropathy 2010
Infectious olecranon and patellar bursitis: short-course adjuvant antibiotic therapy is not a risk factor for recurrence in adult hospitalized patients 2010
Realignment and Extended fusion with use of a medial column screw for midfoot deformities secondary to diabetic neuropathy. Surgical technique 2010
Low incidence of haematogenous seeding to total hip and knee prostheses in patients with remote infections 2009
Biofeedback for foot offloading in diabetic patients with peripheral neuropathy 2009
Entorse aiguë de la cheville: quelle immobilisation? 2009
Biofeedback Training for Partial Weight Bearing in Patients After Total Hip Arthroplasty 2009
Realignment and extended fusion with use of a medial column screw for midfoot deformities secondary to diabetic neuropathy 2009
Chronic diabetic ulcers under the first metatarsal head treated by staged tendon balancing: a prospective cohort study 2009
Activity and impact on antibiotic use and costs of a dedicated infectious diseases consultant on a septic orthopaedic unit 2009
Chirurgie du pied et de la cheville rhumatoïdes 2008
Fractures du calcanéum: du traumatisme aux séquelles 2008
Vancomycin-Induced DRESS Syndrome in a Female Patient 2008
The modified Lapidus procedure 2008
Arthroscopic Offset Restoration in Femoroacetabular Cam Impingement: Accuracy and Early Clinical Outcome 2008
Accuracy of stress radiography techniques in grading isolated and combined posterior knee injuries: a cadaveric study 2007
Le pied plat dégénératif : approche pragmatique 2007
Cutaneous sensory nerve injury during surgical approaches to the foot and ankle: A cadaveric anatomic study 2007
Acute, exertional medial compartment syndrome of the foot in a high-level athlete: a case report 2007
Pseudoaneurysm of the anterior tibial artery following an ankle sprain: A case report of an uncommon ankle trauma with review of the literature 2007
Capacité de marche en milieu extra-hospitalier des amputés appareillés 2007
Walking activity in prosthesis-bearing lower-limb amputees 2007
The extensile approach for the operative treatment of high-energy pilon fractures: surgical technique and soft-tissue healing. 2007
Rupture aiguë du tendon d’Achille. Actualité diagnostique et thérapeutique 2007
Suture mini-invasive du tendon d’Achille: un concept qui a fait son chemin 2006
Post-traumatic osteonecrosis of the lateral tibial plafond 2006
Recurrent Osteomyelitis Caused by Infection with Different Bacterial Strains without Obvious Source of Reinfection 2006
Les prothèses de cheville. La motivation d'une collaboration interuniversitaire 2005
Successful treatment of Candida parapsilosis (fluconazole-resistant) osteomyelitis with caspofungin in a HIV patient 2005
Suction drainage culture as a guide to effectively treat musculoskeletal infection 2005
Relationship between foot type, foot deformity, and ulcer occurrence in the high-risk diabetic foot 2005
Extended posterior flap for transtibial amputation 2005
Isolated Medial Column Stabilization Improves Alignment in Adult-acquired Flatfoot 2005
Severe Streptococcus agalactiae infection of the diabetic foot: A deleterious role of Streptococcus agalactiae? 2005
Infections sévères à Streptococcus agalactiae du pied diabétique: Rôle délétère du Streptococcus agalactiae? 2005
Hallux valgus: quel traitement? 2005
Revision Total Ankle Arthroplasty: Conversion of New Jersey Low Contact Stress™ to Agility™: Surgical Technique and Case Report 2004
Total Extrusion of the Talus: A Case Report 2004
Takedown of Ankle Fusion and Conversion to Total Ankle Replacement 2004
Complications and Failure After Total Ankle Arthroplasty 2004
Failure of capsular enhanced short external rotator repair after total hip replacement 2004
Trends in the treatment of orthopaedic prosthetic infections 2004
High versus standard dose vancomycin for osteomyelitis 2004
Fracture of the Polyethylene Component in an Ankle Arthroplasty: A Case Report 2003
Hindfoot Arthrodesis 2003
Minor Environmental Trauma and Lower Extremity Amputation in High-Risk Patients with Diabetes: Incidence, Pivotal Events, Etiology, and Amputation Level in a Prospectively Followed Cohort 2003
Assessment of an electronic goniometer designed to measure equinus contracture 2003
Surgical repair of acute Achilles tendon rupture using a "mini-open" technique 2002
Fracture of the Ankle Associated With Rupture of the Achilles Tendon: Case Report and Review of the Literature 2002
Limited open repair of Achilles tendon ruptures: a technique with a new instrument and findings of a prospective multicenter study 2002
Are drivers more likely to injure their right or left foot in a frontal car crash: A car crash and biomechanical investigation 2002
The Axial View to Measure Posterior Laxity of the Knee 2001
Stabilization of metastatic lesions of the proximal femur with the AO solid femoral nail 2001
Osteosynthesis of metastatic lesions of the proximal femur with a solid femoral nail and interlocking spiral blade inserted without reaming 2000