The Centre ASSAL for Foot Care and Surgery specializes in foot, ankle and leg pathologies. The centre provides comprehensive and personalized care, drawing on state-of-the-art research and prioritizing non-surgical treatment options.

In line with the principles of smarter medicine, the Centre ASSAL’s multidisciplinary team will ensure you receive treatments whose effectiveness has been established through scientific evidence. Our supporting measures also encompass all fields of expertise required to ensure that you fully recover.

B Corp™ Certification


Being the first B Corp™ certified healthcare facility in Switzerland?
The Centre ASSAL did it !

The Centre ASSAL has obtained the B Corp certification. This distinction rewards the deployment of a long-term CSR strategy, that is part of the establishment's DNA.

The sustainable services and practices implemented within the structure result from a philosophy advocating responsable medicine throughout the care chain and supported by economic, social and environmental values.

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