Bunion (hallux valgus)

Commonly known as a bunion, hallux valgus is not a bone spur but a deviation of the metatarsal inward and the phalanx of the big toe outward, resulting in a bump on the inside of the foot. This foot problem can be treated or corrected.


Bunions more often than not have a genetic component and tend to affect women more than men.



When the bunion is painless, it does not require any specific treatment; regular monitoring is sufficient. If it causes minor pain, taking oral anti-inflammatory medications, wearing a brace specifically designed to correct hallux valgus, or wearing appropriate shoes may be sufficient. Depending on the amount of pain and deformity, a surgical procedure, preferably  minimally invasive, may be performed to correct the hallux valgus. Nevertheless, a flexible approach to treatment is required, as not every deformity can be treated the same way. We encourage you to discuss the various options with Centre ASSAL specialists to determine which treatment is best for you.



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