Patient information

Payment / Insurance

Payment for surgery performed at the Clinique La Colline covered by your health insurance plan will be based on the ambulatory care or hospital fee schedule, depending on your doctor’s medical recommendation.


Ambulatory surgery means you may go home on the same day that the procedure is performed. The medical consultation, examination and surgical fees are calculated in accordance with the current rate schedules in Switzerland (Tarmed). For foreign patients without health insurance, a quote or all-inclusive price can be provided upon request.



If your procedure requires that you spend at least one night in hospital, you must contact your health insurance company to ensure you have the appropriate coverage. For patients with supplementary health insurance covering private or semi-private hospital rooms, hospitalization at Clinique La Colline is theoretically covered in full by nearly every Swiss health insurance plan. Patients with basic health insurance only can be admitted under certain conditions based on several criteria, such as the quota attributed to the clinic’s Orthopaedics Department, your diagnosis, and in certain cases, your health condition. International patients not covered by Swiss health insurance plans must pay for their surgery and hospital fees on the day they enter the clinic, at the latest. If they have international health insurance coverage, a payment guarantee may be required from their insurance company. It is therefore important that you contact your health insurance company directly.