Ankle fracture

Malleolus fracture (isolated, bimalleolar, trimalleolar)


The medial and lateral malleoli protrude on either side of the ankle and correspond to the lower ends of the tibia and fibula. Forming the upper dome of the ankle, one or both can break when the foot is twisted forcefully inward or outward.



When one or both malleoli (medial and lateral) are injured, the fracture is labeled as isolated or bimalleolar. A trimalleolar fracture occurs when the posterior edge of the tibia is fractured along with both malleoli. With a minor injury, when the ligaments and ankle stability are not compromised, standard non-operative treatment consisting of immobilizing the injured part with a cast is usually sufficient. If more extensive damage occurs to the ligaments, cartilage and ankle, surgery is needed to secure the bone fragments with plates, screws and wires and reset them in their original position. Six weeks of immobilization is recommended after this surgery.




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