Second opinion

Patients often seek a second opinion from a specialist, to get a clearer idea about their pathology and thus make an informed decision in full knowledge of the facts. This is especially true when faced with surgical treatment.

At the Centre ASSAL for Foot Care and Surgery you can count on us to listen carefully to your history. You will undergo a comprehensive clinical examination and we will review your medical records. We will be happy to answer your questions, wherever you are due to receive treatment.



After conducting a thorough analysis of your medical history, a physical examination, a review of your X-rays and scans and answering your questions, we will be in the best position to define your pathology and formalize our initial findings.



Depending on the specific characteristics of your pathology, we will provide you with the most appropriate solutions, including surgical and non-surgical alternatives, to help you heal.



Irrespective of whether our conclusions match those of your treating physician, our discussions will allow you to decide which provider is best able to treat you. We favor transparency, especially when it comes to the consequences of each proposed treatment.