Achilles tendonitis and tears

The Achilles tendon is the largest tendon in the human body and the main driver of ankle flexion. It is subjected to enormous loads that can lead to progressive disabling pain, either behind the ankle or behind the heel. Swelling is often present.


Repeated participation in sports such as running, or having a physically demanding job, can lead to chronic degeneration of the tendon (tendinopathy) thereby shortening the tendinous portion that joins the calf muscle to the heel. This condition can be the source of several foot and ankle conditions, and in certain cases may lead to tendon rupture.



Rest, stretching, physiotherapy and anti-inflammatory medication will generally help relieve the pain. However, surgery may be required if the condition worsens. Surgical treatment aims to relieve some of the mechanical tension contributing to tendon inflammation, thus creating a more favorable mechanical environment for healing. Recurrence is very rare after surgical treatment.



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