Thomas Müller


Thomas Müller is a podiatrist specializing in diabetic foot care and patient education. He became interested in diabetic foot care after completing an internship with Dr. B. Peter-Riesch in the Podiatry Unit of the Geneva University Hospitals (1997-1998).



He enjoys the patient education side of this profession and sees his appointments as a valuable opportunity to teach patients about the importance of comprehensive diabetic care. His professional experience at the Léman Hospital Center (1999-2000) allowed him to take part in treatment education programs, teaching a course on diabetic foot care. He was also able to develop focused diabetic foot care, establishing an “At-risk foot consultation” during the period, which proved highly effective. Treating “at-risk feet” in this way ensures preventative care in the context of neuropathy and/or arteriopathy and helps to prevent the occurrence of skin wounds. As an independent podiatrist, he expanded his practice by creating a diabetic foot prevention and education unit at the Centre ASSAL for Foot Care and Surgery. He has been a part-time lecturer at the Fondation Aigues-Vertes since 2000 and was also a part-time lecturer at the Chandolon Prison, Curabilis site from 2016 to 2020.



Thomas Müller graduated from the Geneva School of Podiatry in 1998. During his studies, he focused on the treatment education provided to diabetes patients. In 2000, he started training with Prof. Jean-Philippe Assal and the Faculty of Medicine to further his knowledge. He was awarded a Diploma in Patient Education in September 2003.


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