Heel fracture

Talus fracture


Forming a joint with the bottom of the tibia and fibula, the talus can fracture as a result of high-energy trauma, most often involving significant loading in the axis of the leg. It notably occurs in people whose feet are locked in while practicing sports, such as snowboarding. Like the calcaneus, talus fractures are rare. The treatment for this injury is complex because of features such as the bone’s density.



As with calcaneus fractures, injuries to the talus require specific care which, in addition to proven expertise, means following surgical, wound care and rehabilitation protocols closely to prevent arthritis or avascular necrosis (death of bone due to .lack of blood supply)  The treatment is the same as for the calcaneus: the conservative (non-operative) solution consists of cast immobilization of the affected area; computer-assisted surgery is used in more complex cases when the bone fragments must be secured to achieve optimal reduction. The surgical procedure is followed by a period of immobilization and then rehabilitation.




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