Foot fracture

Lisfranc injury and cuneiform fracture


The three cuneiform bones join the midfoot with the forefoot. At the junction of three metatarsal bones, the cuneiform bones also have an essential function in connecting the Lisfranc ligament complex, which transmits foot propulsion motions. In the majority of cases, injuries to these bones occur in the context of ligament tears. They must be considered as part of a more generalized trauma induced by high mechanical loads occurring in this area of the foot. This injury can occur during an incorrect landing motion or severe ankle sprain causing ligament tears, sometimes combined with fracture of one or multiple cuneiform bones.



Minor injuries of the cuneiform bones and/or Lisfranc ligament complex can be treated with stabilization or complete immobilization for several weeks to allow the injured structures to heal. Severe injuries to both the cuneiform bones and the ligaments are treated surgically. In certain cases, the procedure can incorporate foot realignment to ensure stability and allow the patient to regain optimal mobility.




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