Computer-assisted surgery

When surgical treatment is deemed necessary, technology can be used to support the medical procedure to ensure maximum precision. Depending on the specifics of certain fractures, deformities or alignment defects, computer-assisted foot and ankle surgery can facilitate procedures in the affected areas. As a pioneering player in this field, Centre ASSAL has developed a treatment protocol for these types of procedures.


When fractured bones need to be joined back together, computer-assisted surgery allows the surgeon to work with millimeter-level precision. This makes the procedure safer both in terms of implant placement and outcome.



Certain fusion procedures, where cartilage is removed from two adjacent bones to join them, also use computer technology to optimize implant placement. This type of foot or ankle surgery is used with severe deformities such as Lisfranc injuries, flat feet, heel misalignment, etc.



In order to make the precise bone cut needed to restore a joint’s natural alignment, the use of computer technology in certain cases can increase the effectiveness of the foot and ankle surgery, while ensuring optimal placement of the surgical implants.


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