Mr Christian Riesen is specialized in acupuncture and moxibustion. His practice is recognized by ASCA and RME, which allows reimbursement by complementary insurances. He also holds a nursing degree in wound care and healing.

Services offered

Acupuncture and moxibustion are therapies related to the Chinese medical tradition, often recommended as a complement to other medicines, but that can also be used as a first resort treatment.

Acupuncture is a therapy performed with needles that stimulate specific areas of the skin, located on the meridians, allowing the patient to recover a certain energy balance.

Stimulation of acupuncture points can also be done through other techniques such as moxibustion, laser or cupping.


More information about the consultation

Location: Centre ASSAL de thérapies complémentaires, Avenue de la Roseraie 76A, 1205 Geneva

Consultation day: Wednesday afternoon

Fee: 120 CHF per session

Languages: French and English

Consultations are open to anyone who wishes to benefit from acupuncture or moxibustion treatments.

Please note that the consultations are intended for all types of pathologies, beyond foot and ankle.

For more information please call +41 22 702 24 42 or write to

You can also visit his website.