Sports medicine

Injuries that occur while playing amateur or high-level sports require specialist knowledge and skills to limit harmful after-effects and restore full function, including leg strength and elasticity.

Whether you injury is minor or serious, our experts at the Centre ASSAL for Foot Care and Surgery will provide individually tailored treatment to limit recurrence and ensure you return to your pre-injury level of participation.



Sprains are one of the most common injuries among athletes. These occur when ligaments are partially or completely torn following excessive ankle or foot torsion, leading to destabilization and altered joint function. Most patients regain their full ability if the sprain is treated correctly. If not, they run the risk of complications, such as arthritis, requiring more extensive care. 


Tendon lesions

Whereas sprains affect the ligaments, tendons can suffer minor or severe tears during sports. Such conditions can be acute or chronic and may worsen over time if the patient does not rest as prescribed. They are the source of several foot and ankle conditions and can lead to tendon rupture.



While a single impact can cause a complete fracture, repeated stress can also weaken the bone to the point that it cracks. This is a called a fatigue or stress fracture. Depending on the area affected, and the severity of the injury, stabilization, immobilization or fixation will be required.