Centre Assal
for foot care and surgery

Our values form the bedrock of our vision

With its core values taking precedence over all economic considerations, the Centre ASSAL is a proponent of responsible medicine, based upon expertise and targeted care. Its decisions are based on science and ethics. All of its activities are also performed in accordance with the principles of social responsibility and environmental sustainability.

Accountability - combining responsibility with sustainability

Fully aware of the societal impact of health care professions, we operate from a perspective of sustainability, responsibility and economic efficiency. This is accomplished by respecting the needs of our patients, by advancing research and by enabling our employees to develop both professionally and personally through specific training activities and continuous education. The salary scales of all our employees go well beyond the conventions defined in our sector, to help promote redistribution and sharing.


Excellence - combining medical expertise with high-quality treatment

Combining experience, expertise and high standards, we take the time to find the most appropriate solutions for each pathology, maintaining a high level of skills and drawing upon high-performance technological resources. In doing so, we provide care that goes beyond mere “treatment” so that our patients become true partners in the healing process.


Integrity - making decisions based on science and ethics

To bring a sustainable and lasting dimension to medicine, we draw upon on the current state of science and measure each case treated against our existing knowledge (evidence-based medicine). In doing so, we base our practice on concrete evidence while considering each patient’s pathology in its specific context.

Smarter medicine

Our care philosophy is based on the concept of smarter medicine, an approach that aims to avoid the excessive use of medical measures that are often detrimental to health. This implies fewer unnecessary actions and prescriptions, fewer unnecessary risks and therefore higher quality care. Faced with the challenges of sustainability affecting all sectors of activity, the principles of smarter medicine provide concrete responses to limit costly interventions while optimizing treatments.

Evidence-based medicine

To be able to practice safer and more efficient medicine, we rely on the current state of science. We firmly believe that the quality of care depends not only on a statistical analysis of the volume of patients and pathologies treated, but also on a comparison of the outcome. Each decision made is therefore backed up by research data, clinical experience and the specific situation of each patient in terms of rights, possibilities and preferences.