Many foot and ankle ailments can be traced to problems with posture or static equilibrium. Some can be relieved, or definitively treated, using simple means or with equipment that aims to soothe painful points or re-balance the pressure exerted by your body. Podiatry offers highly effective solutions in this context.


To help reposition the toes or prevent rubbing due to deformity or infection, wearing soft or rigid silicone orthotics can relieve pain while making you more comfortable and allowing you to move more freely.


Custom insoles

Foot and ankle alignment problems can sometimes be resolved by wearing custom insoles.



Walking and participating in sports places heavy loads on the ankles and feet, which are amplified by carrying excess weight, static alignment defects, or even wearing inappropriate shoes. Podiatry principles are used to identify the cause of your pain and to advise you on the best ways to relieve it.



A large number of foot ailments, such as callosities, nail pain, infection, etc. can be treated by caring for their symptoms. To eliminate the persistent pain caused by chronic inflammation of the ankle joint (arthritis), replacing the damaged joint and cartilage with a prosthesis helps to restore mobility.