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Our commitments for a sustainable CSR policy

The Centre ASSAL has made serving the common good one of its priorities, notably by developing responsible medicine based on scientific evidence. In line with these principles, its teams are committed to environmental, social and governance (ESG) matters, thus ensuring consistency between the Centre’s focus, its CSR policy and its work mission.

The environment – operating in a highly regulated environment

Faced with a highly regulated environment and the strict standards governing the sorting and recycling of medical waste, the Centre ASSAL encourages its partners and service providers to incorporate issues related to environmental challenges into their practices. The Centre ASSAL also focuses on the selection of materials commonly used, by favoring the use of medical products made in Switzerland, such as Medartis implants, designed and produced in Basel, instead of implants made in Asia. Additionally, the management supports the efforts of its employees in terms of soft mobility through incentives and by contributing to the cost of purchasing transport subscriptions.


Societal commitment – supporting professional and personal development

The Centre ASSAL supports the personal and professional development of its employees through continuing education, research and help for specialization in international centers of expertise (fellowships). It also works to foster the progress of science. As part of these efforts, its physicians volunteer one day a week to perform medical research. This practice is now officially established via the FORTE Foundation, created in 2021 by PD Dr. Mathieu Assal with the aim of encouraging scientific work. In addition to training, humanitarian assistance through surgical missions is also highly valued and financially supported.

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Governance – guaranteeing the sustainability of its activities 

The Centre ASSAL recently decided to set up an Executive Board, something particularly rare for an establishment of this size. Thanks to the different career profiles of its members, the Board guarantees the coherence of the Center's development and also ensures the continuity of its environmental, societal and governance-related commitments. It should also be noted that not only the Centre ASSAL provides an ideal working environment to its teams, but it also ultimately seeks to give its employees a stake in the company.