Mrs. Rachel Guillot is a podiatrist-podotherapist specialist. The orthopedic insoles crafted by our expert are covered by certain supplementary insurances. You can get in touch with your insurance for more information.

Services offered

Clinical examination with static and dynamic analysis using a walkway equipped with a pressure distribution measurement system and video camera.

Custom fabrication of various types of thermoformed and milled insoles in materials ranging from soft to rigid densities. We also offer a range of carbon insoles tailored to the patient's needs based on their activity, sports practice and footwear.

Follow-up and adaptation of insoles.


More information about the consultation

Location: Centre ASSAL de thérapies complémentaires, Avenue de la Roseraie 76A, 1205 Geneva

Consultation days: Tuesday to Friday

Language: French

You wish to obtain more information or schedule an appointment? Please call +41 22 577 69 69 or email