Centre Assal
for foot care and surgery

Managed by three internationally renowned specialists, authors of more than 180 scientific publications, books and surgical innovations, the Centre ASSA is specialized in foot, ankle and leg pathologies.

Supported by a multidisciplinary team, their goal is to give you accurate, science-based recommendations and provide you with comprehensive care until you are fully recovered.


Comprehensive science-based approach

All our treatments, surgical or otherwise, are founded on the three pillars of evidence-based medicine: clinical expertise, scientific evidence and the specific nature of each patient’s case.

Personalized care

From the first consultation through to conservative treatment or surgery, we will do everything possible to provide appropriate treatment for your foot, ankle or leg pathology and ensure your well-being.

Compassionate environment and first-rate technical setting

We are convinced that effective patient care requires the right environment: a welcoming atmosphere, patient comfort and leading-edge technology.