Centre Assal
for foot care and surgery


Led by three internationally recognized experts with over 180 scientific publications and several surgical innovations, the Centre ASSAL is one of the very first establishments in Switzerland specializing in the treatment of foot, ankle and leg pathologies.

Further demonstrating their strong scientific and academic commitment, its three senior physicians are all involved in the management of the Swiss Foot and Ankle Society (SFAS): PD Dr. Mathieu Assal is its Past President and currently sits on the board of the expert group of the Swiss Society for Orthopedic Surgery (Swiss Orthopedics), Dr. Lisca Drittenbass is the newly elected president of SFAS, and Dr. Victor Dubois-Ferrière is a member of the Board of Directors of SFAS.

Accompanied by a multidisciplinary team, they seek to provide  medical responses for each pathology supported by scientific evidence. This is to ensure comprehensive and appropriate care throughout your recovery.

A medical approach backed by science

To identify the most suitable treatment for every patient, we analyze each pathology in light of clinical experience, the current state of research and realistic possibilities based on evidence-based medicine.

Comprehensive and personalized support

Thanks to the multidisciplinary nature of our skills and teams, we can provide all of our patients with holistic support, providing a targeted response to each pathology, one based on listening to and respecting each person's specific needs. Our team is open to many modalities of complementary medicine and treatment options.

A human-centric environment and a high-quality technical framework

We welcome our patients in a state-of-the-art clinic, equipped not only with cutting edge technology and equipment, but also with comfortable and welcoming facilities.