Diabetic footcare

Some foot disorders can be related to poorly-controlled diabetes. Indeed, long-term high blood sugar levels, as occurs with high cholesterol, smoking, and high blood pressure, can clog the arteries and/or reduce nerve sensation, especially those in the feet. Loss of sensation and wound healing problems can lead to various complications. We will help you to prevent these from occurring.

Clinical podiatry exam

A podiatrist will conduct a specific annual examination to help you keep track of the potential foot problems that may develop if you are diabetic (assessment of vascular and nerve function in your feet).


Foot care

This treatment aims to make sure your skin and nails are intact, and prevent calluses especially skin wounds, from forming. We will look at your shoes to make sure there is no rubbing, particularly over bony prominences that could cause skin wounds such as blisters.


Patient education

Patients who understand and familiarize themselves with their disease are better able to manage it in their day-to-day lives, enabling them to take back control rather than fear it. Our advice will help improve your daily foot care and learn how to choose the best shoes to avoid diabetes-related complications. You will become a diabetes expert, in full control of personal prevention.