Patient information


Your first visit to the Centre ASSAL for Foot Care and Surgery should provide you with a clear and accurate idea of your pathology and treatment options available.

In addition to a clinical and X-ray examination, this will allow you time to discuss the most appropriate and personalized care options freely with our specialists.


During your first visit, we will perform a complete orthopaedic examination and analyze any X-rays you may have brought with you. To refine our diagnosis, this clinical examination will include questions about your health and medical history. If your condition requires new X-ray images, these can be taken on the same day, or within a few days of the appointment, at ImageRive, Clinique La Colline’s specialized radiology unit. Blood work and other tests may be conducted to supplement your examination.



After studying all of the information and taking into consideration the latest research on the topic, we will provide you with a precise diagnosis of your condition. We will then outline your treatment options, with a preference for non-surgical procedures that swiftly restore your mobility.