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FORTE Foundation

Convinced that scientific research supports the practicing of responsible medicine, the Centre ASSAL has created the Forte Foundation to formalize its commitment in this field. Through its influence and action, this public-interest organization supports and enhances the scientific advances from projects supported by institutional funds.


Research – to foster continued scientific progress

Since the creation of the Center in 2012, the physicians at the Centre ASSAL have been carrying out research in the field of foot and ankle surgery on a voluntary basis. Performed in the public interest, this activity will henceforth be supervised by the Foundation, which will cover the expenses related to the acquisition of clinical data, as well as the remuneration of consultants, the purchasing of anatomical parts and costs related to experimentation. The research activities are supervised by an ethics committee, whose publications are featured in the scientific world’s most reputable journals.


Training – to improve skills

In order to ensure the sharing and transmission of knowledge, practical and theoretical training for physicians, physiotherapists, chiropodists and nurses in the region will be organized via the Foundation. The objective: to actively contribute to improving the quality of care in Geneva and in French-speaking Switzerland.


Grants – to participate in advanced training courses

The foundation also awards scholarships to support foreign physicians who come to Geneva or Switzerland to improve their skills in the field of foot and ankle surgery, but also Swiss physicians who wish to improve their skills in centers of excellence abroad.


Supporting the FORTE Foundation

The physicians at the Centre ASSAL, who have designed several medical innovations, support the Forte Foundation by donating all the profits generated by their patents. The proceeds from the sale of their scientific books also help fund the institution.

If you wish to support the FORTE Foundation, feel free to contact us directly in order that together we may discuss your donation.

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