Fractures and sprains

Partial or complete ligament or bone injuries, sprains or fractures are associated with pain, bruising and swelling, along with greatly reduced mobility. While the nature of these injuries varies widely, most can be treated non-surgically using a resin cast or an orthosis. Only when all non-surgical options have failed will surgery be proposed to the patient.


With minor sprains or fractures, simply stabilizing the injured area with a brace or splint that allows some mobility will be sufficient to allow the ligament or bone structures to heal. When an in-depth radiographic assessment of your injury determines that a cast or splint is required, complete immobilization of the affected area is the best way to ensure lasting consolidation to maintain the original alignment.



Depending on the severity of the injury, particularly in cases of single or multiple fractures or complete ligament tears, a surgical procedure may be necessary to reset the normal alignment. Plates and screws are used to hold fractured bones together. Applying a cast after surgery helps complete the healing process, which can vary in length depending on the type of procedure performed.



Whether the injury was treated conservatively or surgically, the minimum time needed for bone healing or ligament repair is approximately 6 weeks, except for certain fractures (toe, calcaneus, talus) and certain ligament tears, which can take several months to heal completely. During this time, the patient must rest to avoid loading the injured area. The surgical procedures performed at Centre ASSAL are often computer-assisted. Using this technology allows us to maximize precision during the surgery, which successfully reduces negative after-effects or complications. Centre ASSAL is a pioneer in this domain as it was one of the first facilities in the world to incorporate computers in all of its surgical procedures.



Once the bone or ligament is considered solid enough to withstand additional loading, you will likely be given a physiotherapy prescription to help you recover. Centre ASSAL will provide you with sessions personalized to your injury and its recovery rate to ensure complete healing. As you regain your mobility, you will find you need your crutches less and less.