Heel fracture

Calcaneus fracture


A calcaneus fracture occurs in the context of high-energy trauma It is not very common, but often has functional consequences. Its treatment and follow-up therefore require specific expertise. Pain felt in the heel can be accompanied by a hematoma, redness and sometimes edema. It can also reduce the patient’s mobility and ability to bear weight, preventing the patient from standing or cause a limp.



Depending on the specifics of the injury, treatment of a calcaneus fracture requires specialized care to ensure optimal bone healing. Centre Assal relies on its practitioners’ extensive experience, and on evidence-based surgical, wound care and rehabilitation protocols. If the fractured bone does not affect function, cast treatment can be effective. But when the bone could shift unexpectedly, surgical treatment is necessary. Open or percutaneous surgery will be conducted, depending on the case, and is generally computer-assisted to ensure the highest level of precision in reducing the fracture. Immobilization is mandatory after the surgery. and then followed by rehabilitation sessions.




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