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05.05.2021 | The team

Continuing education: a major preoccupation of the Centre ASSAL

Since its creation in 2012, the Centre ASSAL has placed the continuous training and development of its employees at the heart of its priorities. Indeed, the Center regularly encourages each member of its team to learn and acquire new skills through courses and training. This is done with a view to continuously improving our services and enhancing the value of our employees within our establishment.

Today we would like to congratulate our Doctor Lisca Drittenbass for obtaining her Executive MBA at the Faculty of Business Studies of the University of Lausanne and our medical secretary Natacha Moniez, who has just obtained her Federal Certificate in Human Resources Management. These successes are the pride of the Center and will contribute to its sustainable development. Other members of our team are also currently undergoing continuing education, so we will be happy to share more good news with you very soon.


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