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07.10.2020 | Training

Plasters and first aid splints 2020 - A visual retrospective

Our training course on casts and first aid splints - basic and advanced techniques, took place on Saturday, October 3rd at the Clinique la Colline. This event was a great success, enjoyed by a record number of participants.


This enriching day was mainly organized around practical workshops which allowed participants to practice different techniques for making casts and splints for lower and upper limbs, supervised by experts in the field. Christian Zuodar, specialist physician in plaster and orthopedic support, was accompanied by PD Dr Mathieu Assal, Romain Chamand, Dr Thierry Glauser from the Center for Hand and Wrist Surgery and Mario Oliveira from the HUG.


A thirst for knowledge really came across during the training session and our grateful thanks go out to all the participants for their enthusiasm and positive attitude!


You can find all our upcoming training sessions here: Training.


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